Why Is My Air Purifier Making Noise?

Although all machines create some kind of low humming or stirring noise, we can bear it since it intermingles with other natural sounds.

But picture this – a quiet room where you work or stay for peace. Then there is that irritating noise from the air purifier that keeps interfering with your thoughts.

Instead of focusing on my task at hand, my mind wanders and repeats one question until the headache forms: why is my air purifier making noise?

Imagine the silent voice incessantly asking it all the time! Here is what I have learned so far regarding the matter.

Air Purifier’s Noise Type

Before you troubleshoot a problem, finding the core cause is the fundamental step to avoid damaging the device.

However, first, identify the manner of noise:

  • An air purifier comes in various models; hence, the noise level may also vary.
  • The device produces noise in general. Therefore, do not be alarmed every time you power it on.
  • Notice if you can hear other noise types aside from the background hum.
  • If the air purifier produces other noises that sound like spitting, crackling, coughing, etc., then pay attention to the device.

Here is a brief possible explanation for certain sounds the air purifier makes:

  • Whistling: Occurs after installation due to a defective or damaged filter.
  • Whispering: It is a normal sound caused by the low fan speed mode.
  • Hissing: Sudden hissing noise can be heard when the fan turns off
  • Rattling/Clicking: It is a short sound emitted from the motor during calibration.
  • Crackling: This happens when the device traps a large air particle.
  • Beeping: It indicates resetting or filter replacement.

Reasons Behind Air Purifier’s Loud Noise

While identifying the issue based on the noise type is possible, let me help you familiarize yourself with the reasons and solutions first:

The Device Is Too Loud

Perhaps the model you chose offers a higher dB despite setting the fan on low speed. While HEPA air purifiers dominate the market now, they are rather noisy.

Fan Speed Is High

You may have forgotten that the fan speed is left on a higher setting. This can be why the noise has increased more than before. Simply lower the fan speed.

Air Purifier Location Is Wrong

Often the performance of an air purifier relies on the location where it is placed. The sensible option is to set the unit in a space with ventilation or better airflow. Follow the manual guide to learn more.

Never place the device in corners or extremely humid places like the kitchen area or bathroom.

Too Much Dust on Ionizer Pins

When you hear the ticking or clicking noise, it usually indicates too much dust build up on the ionizer pins. The noise occurs due to static electricity.

Use the manual instruction to clean these ionizer pins. You will find them after removing the filter.

Filter Is Clogged

Noise will get louder whenever the filters are clogged. This is when you disassemble the device, check the filter, and then replace it if needed.

Requires Filter Replacement

Once more, you may need to replace the filter when the unit fails to provide better airflow. The noises to support this indication will have spitting, popping, coughing, etc., sound.

The Filter Is Installed Inaccurately

Sometimes unusual noises are due to the incorrect setting of the filter. If the sound gets louder after you have cleaned the filter and reinserted it recently, examine it again.

The device will have a red light to warn you.

Debris in Air Purifier

Debris is bound to get stuck inside air purifiers while taking in the polluted air from the surrounding. Follow the manual’s instructions to disassemble the unit, check for such debris or other objects, and vacuum clean it.

Final Words

Someone once asked me — why is my air purifier making noise? I could not give a solution despite owning an air purifier myself.

Of course, things changed when the noise issue transferred to my unit. At least now, you and I can help and recommend suggestions to others that were unknown before.

One last tip – always keep that manual guide within reach.

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