Why Is My Alen Air Purifier Beeping?

I detest that beep sound in an air purifier because it practically interrupts my concentration when working. You know how you are deep in thoughts or trance, almost at the precipice of obtaining the answer.

Then the Alen makes the beeping, and the thread to grasping that unknown response detaches. However, this feeling is replaced by a new question – why is my Alen air purifier beeping?

Can you find the key by meditating? No, but you can definitely learn the basic cause and its feasible solution.

Why Alen Air Purifier Beeps

I can give you three reasons why the Alen air purifier beeps. I have already experienced two of them, so call me a rookie expert if you like.

1. Filter Replacement Reminder

This is the most common matter we overlook because we get so busy we forget the air purifier also needs some parts replaced.

When the Alen filter is dirty with particulate matter and debris, it will notify you with beeping sounds.

You can purchase the filter from the company or online shop. Here is how to change the filter:

  • Turn off the unit and unplug it.
  • Make sure it is standing upright; remove the cover.
  • You will see the old filter; remove it using the white tab on the top.
  • Install the new filter, start from the bottom, then firmly push the upper side for a secured fitment.
  • Plug the air purifier and initiate the reset feature.

2. Requires Resetting

Some of us forget to reset the purifier after replacing the filter. I admit that I am one of those. Thus, the device will begin beeping again to alert you.

Resetting is very straightforward. Press and hold the Filter Life button for about five seconds, then release it.

The light will turn green eventually, so give it a few seconds.

3. Damaged Part/Component

Although I have not encountered this myself, it is better to be on the safer side. If the beeping sound persists even after filter replacement and resetting, there could be an internal issue with the air purifier.

Unplug it and call the company for repairs before the function damages a component inside.

Alen Air Purifier Filter Life Light

Those who have no clue about what each light represents in the filter life indicator, take a look:

  • Red: Replace the filter without delay.
  • Green: Filter grade is good, or filter is ready to use.

Final Words

The next time someone asks you – ‘why is my Alen air purifier beeping?’, you can always help the person using this guide.

All you have to do is inspect the filter life indicator from time to time. See if the light color changes to red. When you ignore the red light for a while, the unit will begin the beeping sound.

Good luck, and enjoy the fresh air right at home!

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