Why Is My Dyson Air Purifier Keep Turning Off?

Many have been wondering about this problem for a while. However, due to the lack of information, I decided to unplug my Dyson at the time.

Why does my Dyson air purifier keep turning off? It was a frustrating week for me. Thankfully, not all is lost, for I have finally discovered some possible reasons.

The good news is that each issue is fixable when detected at an early stage. So, here is a list of causes and solutions in a single guide for you to check out.

Random Shutting Down of Dyson Air Purifier

We know that Dyson Air purifiers have a distinguished design with a solid base and a loop amplifier on the top. Its function can be customized using a Link app too.

Therefore, the sudden turn-off can be an issue with the hardware or the software.

1. Worn Out Motor

The Dyson Air purifier will shut off automatically if the motor malfunctions. This prevents the other parts from affecting. If the fan stops oscillating, it can also be due to a damaged motor.

It is wise to contact an expert instead of handling the problem yourself.

2. Loose Screw

Perhaps the internal screw of the fan section has become partially loose without knowledge. All you have to do is tighten it accurately.

Do not forget to unplug the unit before trying anything.

3. Overworked/Overheated

Sometimes it does not occur that the air purifier is still running in the background. Many owners have claimed to run the device for over nine or ten hours. Some Dyson Air purifier models tend to shut off automatically when overheated as a safety precaution.

Similarly, a few units turn off when overworked for too long. You can wait a couple of hours or till the unit cools before switching it back on.

4. Clogged Filter

This is the most common matter with air purifiers. If the filters are clogged for quite a while, the machine can shut off at one point.

Follow the instruction guide to access the filter and clean it. Remember to do the same for the bin as well.

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It is important to clean the filter periodically, or the fan might stop working.

5. Misaligned Filter

Perhaps the filters are aligned improperly, forcing the unit to shut off all the time. In this case, remove the filters and realign them before installation.

You might have to replace the filter if the issue continues.

Another factor we often overlook is the loose filter fitment. It can misguide the sensors, pushing the unit to switch off.

6. Erroneous Power Cord

If everything seems to function correctly, your Dyson air purifier is perfectly fit. However, you should inspect the power cord, which can be faulty.

Try plugging the unit directly into the wall socket and see if the problem is solved. On account of a fused cord in the unit, contact the manufacturer/customer care for a replacement.

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Final Words

So why does my Dyson air purifier keep turning off? The reasons can vary with multiple repairing advantages.

I am happy to have shared some of these causes with you, folks, because I understand how pain in the neck technical issues can be. Hope you have found what you are looking for.

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