Why Does My Dyson Air Purifier Make A Whistling Noise?

Everything was going great after the purchase of my Dyson air purifier. I could proudly announce that I am the owner of this device from a popular company that I favor so much.

Then there was a discreet sound that, at first, I decided to ignore. Since it questioned my sanity the whole day, I had to ask a friend (also an air purifier owner) what this whistling discord was.

So, why does my Dyson air purifier make a whistling noise? I have found out the cause and would love to share it with you folks.

Dyson Air Purifier Design

Once you see a Dyson air purifier, you will know that the design is quite unique and different from others. The technology is also groundbreaking if you compare it with other companies.

It uses Air Multiplier technology to purify the pollutant air in the surrounding space. While the base structure comprises the air filter, motor, and most primary components, the upper section is used as the air filtering fan.

This fan is also known as a loop amplifier with nothing in the center. However, it operates at a 350° oscillating angle, which you can customize with the help of the Dyson Link app. The swinging of the loop is capable of covering the whole room, depending on the area coverage.

Why Does Dyson Air Purifier Make a Whistling Noise?

There could be two possible reasons behind this irritating sound –

  1. Inaccurate loop amplifier setup
  2. An internal issue that demands a reset

How to Fix the Noise?

Remember that the noise may be due to other blips or errors. Although Dyson has not made this clear, the company webpage mentions two probable solutions to attempt.

Inaccurate Loop Amplifier Setup

If you did not know before, the upper section is separable from the base. Perhaps a little part of it was incorrectly set during installation.

In that case, you have to disassemble the loop amplifier again:

  • Do you see the two buttons on either side of the loop amplifier? They are at the lower section of the part.
  • Press them at the same time and lift the loop.
  • Now place it back on the main body and fit it without leaving any gap. Inspect carefully to detect any unevenness before clicking the loop amplifier in its position.
  • This should diminish the whistling noise.

Unknown Issue

What happens if you do not understand what the noise is indicating? Sometimes it may be the trivial internal issue that creates the unnecessary whistling or whining sound.

  • If the unit is still running, turn it off.
  • Unplug the device and wait for ten seconds.
  • Check the base where the power cord is attached. Ensure it is connected properly.
  • Now plug back the machine, switch it on and recheck.


I have finally found the answer to my query, why does my Dyson air purifier make a whistling noise? Let us hope you have been able to resolve your problem with the help of this article.

Enjoy your Dyson air purifier; it truly is an incredible innovation!

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