Why Does My Honeywell Air Purifier Keep Shutting Off?

Is there a recent switch-off problem that landed out of nowhere in your Honeywell?

Do not worry; I had the same issue couple of years back. I wondered, why does my Honeywell air purifier keep shutting off? It was not that easy to get a straightforward solution.

With a little luck and online research I have found explicable reasons and even decided to share some tips regarding the topic who are struggling with the issue.

Shall we check them out?

Honeywell Air Purifier Keep Turning Off

The air purifier has one job – air cleansing with the help of filters and the motor. When it refuses to do exactly that, it makes you want to return the unit.

Nevertheless, do not be in haste to give up just yet.

Check Power Outlet

Our first overlooking factor is the power outlet malfunction. Now it could be the outlet or the power cord of the air purifier. Then, the cord of the power outlet can go bad too.

I mean, the possibilities can vary. But there are simple ways to test:

  • Your first task is to ensure the plug is connected properly. A plug is quite cumbersome if it is loose.
  • Did the unit still shut off? Use a different power outlet and see if the machine runs. If it does, then the previous outlet was faulty.
  • Suppose the air purifier continues to turn off. This time use a different appliance in the new power outlet. If it runs smoothly, the power cord of the air purifier has gone bad.

Either there is a blown fuse, or the cord has worn out. Contact Honeywell customer service to replace it. Make sure the device is under warranty.

Look for Clogged Filters

Air filters draw in an ample amount of air pollutants. Thus, the unit starts acting up like switching off automatically. This is to protect the other components from damage.

Keep in mind that you may have to clean and replace the air filter more often than stated if the area you live in is densely polluted. Once the contaminated air particles, debris, etc., are trapped in the filters, the machine begins to slow down.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Unplug the unit after shutting off.
  • Access the filter area and inspect their status.
  • Replace the filters if clogged severely.
  • Clean the irreplaceable ones (only if the manual guide says so).
  • Reassemble everything and wait for a few seconds.
  • Plug the unit and switch it on. It should stop shutting off now.


If the Honeywell air purifier overworks itself, expect overheating that leads to Safe mode (auto-shutoff).

This happens if the room is bigger than the device can cover, or if excessive dust/debris to purify for a smaller unit.

Wait till the machine cools down, then turn it back on.

Defect Model

The worst-case scenario is obtaining a counterfeit model. It is better to purchase from the original company branch or webpage.

However, there could be a manufacturing defect as well. Ensure the warranty is still underway to acquire a refund upon returning the unit.

Too Old Unit

If the unit is over five years old, many may face the shutting off issue in the polluted areas. Perhaps it is time for a newer model?


So why does my Honeywell air purifier keep shutting off when it was doing so well? Now you know the reasons that can save heaps of bucks from wasting.

Always pay attention to these little details to prevent greater risks in the future. I wish you all the best!

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