Red Alert: Why Is My Air Purifier Red?

This may not be the first time an air purifier has appeared to have confounding issues. The thing is, most of these matters are silly and easily fixed.

When my air purifier unexpectedly had a red glow on one of the smart buttons, I was practically sleep-deprived! There was only one question rolling like a wave in my head – why is my air purifier red?

It was by pure luck I chanced upon the solution, which I am more than happy to share with you folks. I know how frustrating a red button can make you feel, especially when the answer is so close.

What Is the Red Glow/Button?

Once you see it, there’s no backing away from that red glare. No matter how insignificant it seems from a distance, it seems to follow you everywhere.

I don’t wish to spook you or anything. It’s just how it goes when air purifiers get that red mark.

In general, the red color in any equipment or device indicates an error in the operation. Sometimes it can mean lacking or missing an essential component.

There could be many examples, but none of them are that piece of good news.

So, why does my air purifier turn red? Let me point out the possible reasons before you lose your mind.

  • Air purifier models by brand might give different uses when a red light appears. But it will always signal maintenance problems.
  • Perhaps it’s been a while since you cleaned the filters. The red light could mean the air filters have clogged.
  • An air purifier can turn red when the device is inadequate for the current air pollution level in your area. In short, it’s too difficult to handle.

How to Reset the Red Light on an Air Purifier?

Resetting the red light is super easy! I was too scared to do it, thinking it might damage my expensive air purifier for nothing.

Nevertheless, it is better to pinpoint the cause before pressing random buttons.

  • Check the air purifier area coverage and compare it to the room where you keep it. Sometimes we misdiagnose the situation and place a smaller air purifier in a larger space.
  • Is there an active wildfire nearby? A red light might tell you that it has reached its limit by purifying the smoke. You can move the device to a lesser polluted room.
  • This is the most common reason for the red light to show up – a clogged air filter. HEPA filters will require replacement every six months up to a year. However, other filters may need cleaning every month. We overlook this option often and end up owning an air purifier with dirty filters and a red blink.

You can use a microfiber cloth and running water to clean and then dry other filters once a month while replacing the HEPA filter periodically.

  • While troubleshooting steps can vary depending on the cause, sometimes the red light simply stays. In that case, you can press and hold the button for a few seconds to reset. Of course, the technique may differ based on the purifier model.

Final Words

So why is my air purifier red? You can now have several reasons to work with. If you ask me, always aim for the filters before moving on to the next concern.

Remember that each room has variable atmospheric pollution that may be greater or moderate than the other. Sometimes moving the device to a different place can do the trick.

Also, check the manual guide for assistance before pressing any button. Breathe healthily!

Last Updated on February 19, 2023

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