Why Is Filter Light Red on My Winix Air Purifier?

When we see a red light, our brain immediately perceives it as a danger or some sort of alert that needs inspection. Does that apply to air purifiers too?

It brings us to the topic – why is filter light red on my Winix air purifier? There are two types of red lights in the unit. How about we understand them first before jumping on to the answers?

Red Light in Winix Air Purifier

Do not confuse the filter light with the other one. It is a common mistake many people make, so it is alright.

Remember that the two red lights send completely different messages to the air purifier owner. So if you still have not read the manual’s instructions to a full extent, here is how you can distinguish them.

  • Air Quality

All air purifiers have a language based on light color/hues to help indicate a notion toward the owner. In short, the machine sends signals through the programmed indicator lights that the user may interpret.

Now Winix also has similar technology. Whenever you turn on the device, there will be a lighting glow. It can be amber, blue, or red, depending on the space’s air quality.

If the light glows red, the message is clear. The unit has detected a highly substantial amount of air pollution.

  • Red Blinking

This time, it is the filter light that blinks. As a consequence, you might have asked yourself unknowingly, why is filter light red on my Winix air purifier?

It can happen after a month or two, which is the duration of a good filter without maintenance.

Troubleshooting the Red Light on My Winix Air Purifier

Although I was hesitant to try anything myself for fear of damaging the unit, my friend reassured me that it was a trivial matter.

Let me tell you how I was able to fix the filter red light alongside the air quality red indicator.

Air Quality Indicator

Since the red means poor air quality in the room, let the fan speed be high for a while. The air purifier will do the job of cleaning the air, eventually switching to an amber or blue glow.

You might have to disable the Auto mode if the red glow persists for too long. Then let the machine run for several hours at max fan speed.

There could be sensor malfunction as well. If nothing seems to work, you must consult with Winix customer care to prevent the warranty void.

Filter Light Blinking Red

Do you see the filter light atop the unit? It begins blinking red when the time for filter replacement is imminent.

The filter wears out after a certain period as it gets clogged with allergens, pollutants, etc. The red blinking simply reminds you to change it.

After replacing the old air filter, you have to stop the blinking by resetting it manually. Just press and hold the reset button.

Final Words

Things are not always as complex as it shows. I once asked – why is filter light red on my Winix air purifier? Who knew that it was easily fixable?

I hope this guide was helpful for your inquiry. Time for some fresh air intake right in the comfort of my room!

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