Why Is My Winix Air Purifier Blinking?

I had to refrain from screaming when the first time the blinking light appeared. One moment the unit was fine, and the next, I had to figure out what it meant.

So I kept asking myself – why is my Winix air purifier blinking? How do I make it stop? There was also the concern of a faulty device.

Thankfully, the online community gave me several possible reasons to look out for. It is due to those options I finally stopped that blinking.

If you are searching for something similar, let us continue reading the rest of the article.

Why Winix Air Purifier Blinks?

First, most of us hate reading user manuals, and when we do, half the instructions and information feel so foreign we seek out Google’s help.

Second, blinking can mean many things, but you can reset it easily. However, it does not always resolve the problem. This concern can nag you in the future.

Third, below are some causes from real events where the blinking of the Winix air purifier became a headache but was soon fixed:

Automatic Fan Mode

Perhaps you are unaware of this, but the fan mode is often in an automatic system. You can always override it by pressing the Manual Fan button. Next, you have to select fan speed.

When the Plasma Wave activates during the running of the fan unit, you may notice red/orange light flash. It will eventually switch to blue and recede after sensing the air quality.

Dirty Filters

Do you notice the fan running slower than usual? In that case, you better clean the air filters quickly to avoid a complete fan shut down.

There may be red light blinking at work when this issue arises.

Unclean Sensors

Since the unit’s job is to purify the air in the room, it takes in particulate matters throughout the hours. This can cause the device sensors to be clogged with pollen or dust. As a result, the filters may get dirty and congested with polluted air particles.

Simply clean the sensors using a vacuum or soft brush. Remember to wipe away any moisture with a dry cloth. Then try resetting the filter light.

Flawed Power Outlet

Does your neighborhood face power outages? It can cause the outlets to act up or malfunction. Sometimes this may be why the air purifier may have a blinking notification.

Try changing the power outlet while checking the cord as well. See if the issue gets solved. If not, it may be an internal problem in the unit.

Defective Air Purifier

Perhaps it is just bad luck that you got the defective Winix air purifier. When nothing seems to work, it is probably time to contact customer service.


So why is my Winix air purifier blinking? Reasons can vary based on filter replacement, cleaning schedule, or damaged power outlets.

The best decision is to catch up on the problem as early as possible to prevent total malfunction. Was this article helpful in resolving the issue? Do not forget to let me know! Good luck.

Last Updated on November 5, 2022

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