Why Is My Holmes Mini Tower Air Purifier So Loud?

Holmes air purifiers are one of the best in the market I have come across so far. The mini tower entitles convenience that many cumbersome units fail to deliver.

However, you might ask this question – why is my holmes mini tower air purifier so loud?

Although the online forums or community has failed to provide a clear answer to this dilemma, there is a possible reason.

Before we get to the heart of the subject, there is no need to concern yourself with the noise as it is quite normal.

Why Holmes Mini Tower Air Purifier Is Loud

Do not underestimate the power of the mini tower. It may be small, but it operates equally with the big competitors. This is why many prefer this portable unit over a bulky one on any day.

The reason behind the Loudness in Holmes Mini Tower Air Purifier

Air purifiers have an internal fan. It allows the contaminated air through the unit to reach the filters.

You can customize the fan speed accordingly. What I mean is if you are not in a hurry to cleanse the air in the room, you can set the fan to the lowest setting and relax. It will generate a distinct whirring noise, which blends with other background sounds.

On the other hand, setting the fan to the highest mode can change the noise level. We use this mode when the particular area has a significant amount of allergens, smoke, or dust particles.

It is when you experience the loud noise in the mini tower.

Is the Noise Stoppable in Holmes Mini Tower Air Purifier?

Can you run the air purifier by unplugging the cord? Similarly, it is difficult to eliminate the noise without shutting off the unit entirely.

You can try a few things, though:

  • Transport it to a different room to help you focus/sleep.
  • Set low fan mode to reduce noise.
  • If you prefer white noise while sleeping, the air purifier sound can act as one.
  • Make sure the room sq. ft. concurs with the area coverage specified by the product.  

Other Possible Causes

What if the unit is loud as a factory machine? You better check for misaligned filters or other components. However, if it overheats alongside the head-pounding sound, turn it off and unplug the mini tower to prevent a hazardous situation.

There could be a manufacturing defect that is causing the alarming noise. It rarely happens but better to be safe than sorry, right? You should call Holmes customer service as soon as you can.

Bottom Line

So why is my holmes mini tower air purifier so loud? I have adjusted my sleeping habits according to the noise. Honestly, I wake up more refreshed than ever!

In a way, the Holmes mini tower units not only purify the air you breathe but can also assist in sleeping better.

Last Updated on November 5, 2022

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