Why Is the Light Flashing on a Friedrich Air Purifier?

Are you having a bad day? Let me guess, is the light on your Friedrich air purifier flashing incessantly?

I went through the same phase, which is pretty easy to resolve. So, instead of panicking for the worse to happen, how about you switch off the device and sit back to finish reading this guide?

Why is the light flashing on a Friedrich air purifier? Let me tell you the secret that Friedrich’s air purifier owners deserve to know.

Why Light Flashes on a Friedrich Air Purifier

Air purifiers are somewhat strange. However, it is understandable for a technical machine. Since there is no other way to communicate with humans, these appliances use a sensor to notify you of changes.

Friedrich uses the same technology for us to understand a unit better. But here is the issue – none of us really read the complete owner’s manual.

First Alert

The message is crystal clear – change the filter, please. Always consider replacing the current filter when the sensor (it determines the air quality) utilizes the light flash.

You will see the light in the air quality function that will continue to flash at the first stage. This is when the filter is worn out or weakened, interfering with the process of particulate matter distillation.

Second Alert

Many overlook the flash alert and eventually forget to act on it. There is no need to blame ourselves because we are constantly busy with abundant things.

However, the machine does not forget. So it will remind you the second time, but with a different tone.

Friedrich air purifier uses a light flash and buzzer sound at a 30-minute interval to remind us what needs to be done.

I hope you get the message at this time and replace the filter.

Final Warning

There is no final warning or alert. The unit is programmed to stop working now. Of course, the persistent light flash will continue with the addition of nonstop beeping.

This is known as the filter replacement lock. You can override it by the following steps:

  • Turn off the device; unplug it.
  • You can press RESET for a couple of seconds on the remote or press and hold the reset button for two seconds located in the air quality sensor inlet.
  • The filter reset will initiate once you hear the buzzer once.
  • Follow the user’s manual to replace the filter without delay.

Final Words

Let me repeat the question – why is the light flashing on a Friedrich air purifier? Well, the unit is screaming for a fresh filter! Now you know what you should do.

I request you follow the instruction manual, which explains how to clean or replace filters. Different models may have unlike methods of replacement due to various designs; better stick to the guide.

I hope this article has sufficiently helped you understand what Friedrich air purifier indicates when it flashes light. So, hurry up with the replacement!

Last Updated on November 5, 2022

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