Why Is There a Blue Light on My Air Purifier?

So why is there a blue light on my air purifier? These devices are manufactured by various brands and companies.

Therefore, blue light can have different meanings. Ultimately, it is nothing harmful so long you follow the instructions based on the manual instruction.

This brief article will tell you how to deal with the blue light that has probably been bugging you the whole day. I was once in a similar situation.

Thankfully, there are ways.

What the Blue Light Indicates on an Air Purifier?

Different brands apply varied purposes to the blue light on an air purifier. Although it is difficult to find out what it means for all models, I have listed some probable functions for the blue blink.

Quality Light

Some air purifiers use different light colors to indicate the air quality level of the current surrounding.

For example, suppose the indicator has blue ambient, which is regarded as good quality. The same model may offer violet, red-purple, or red color to explain the air grade around you.

  • Blue – Air quality is good; easy to cleanse.
  • Violet – Air quality is fair; moderate timing is required.
  • Red-Purple – Air quality is unhealthy; needs more time.
  • Red – Air quality is extremely unhealthy; difficult in assessing time.

Night Light

Many air purifier models use the blue light as the night light while operating. Some owners may find this glow bothersome when sleeping.

It may not be accurate for all brands, but you can try the press and hold technique on the night light button for it to stop glowing.

UV Light

Air purifiers that use UV light to get rid of pollutants also come with a blue glow. Unfortunately, you cannot turn it off like the night light since ultraviolet light is essential to keep the unit operational.

Read the manual guide of the device to confirm if yours uses UV light.

Reset Button

Some air purifiers have blue light or UVC that blinks until manually reset. For example, maybe you have recently replaced the filter, but the timer still blinks.

You will have to press and hold the button for a few seconds to initiate the manual reset. The button designation may vary according to the model feature so keep the instruction manual at close bay.

Cleaning Time

Most air purifiers have this common cause for the blue light flashing on the device. It is time for you to either replace the filter or clean it.

Once you do, you have to reset the light, as mentioned previously.

Bottom Line

So why is there a blue light on my air purifier? Now you know there can be various reasons, most of which are the simple sign of air quality or a reminder to do something.

As long as you know the model and make of your unit, it will become easier to explain the blue light glow or blink. Do not worry; blue is a safe color in the domain of air purifiers.

Last Updated on November 5, 2022

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