Why Can’t Air Purifiers Be Close to Electronics?

We all follow certain rules to live by comfortably. A parallel concept applies to the hardware materials as well.

For instance, it is wiser to keep an air purifier at a distance from other electronic devices. I was quite surprised after learning about it.

But why can’t air purifiers be close to electronics? The justification of the fact is pretty reasonable once you read it.

Let me give you a brief outlook.

Nemesis of Air Purifier: Other Electronics

Electronic appliances or other devices produce different wavelengths. Interference occurs when another appliance picks up the wave signal.

Types of Interference

Generally, there are two kinds – Line Noise (Line Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). Our issue is with the latter, which takes place due to radio wavelength.

How RFI Works

When an electrical unit creates a radio wavelength, it means the wave is radiated all around the unit on outward routes. If any other electrical equipment with radio wavelength is in its way, there will be RFI to affect either of the devices.

Where to Place the Air Purifier?

Modern houses feature electronic and portable items almost in all rooms/areas. Therefore, the position of an air purifier, so it does not pick up RFI, is a bit tricky.

Plus, one has to consider the plugging location as well. Although an extension cord is greatly appreciated, we do not want wires amidst the room, causing a person to trip.

This is what you should try when still awaiting a reliable answer:

  • Avoid using the same extension cord that plugs the television. TVs are affected by RFI the most; hence, plugging an air purifier next to its archenemy is preposterous.
  • Microwaves are second on the list of RFI-affected electrical appliances. We all know placing the purifier in the kitchen is a big no (due to moisture issues). moisture
  • Either move the stereo equipment elsewhere or transport the air purifier to a different room.
  • Thankfully, many air purifiers are immune to computers. Still, maintain a significant distance to prevent RFI damage.
  • Do not forget that other large furniture, upholstery, etc., can block the smooth airflow as well.
  • Since all air purifiers are portable, you can move them to the desired location with much less hassle.
  • Once you have determined where the electrical devices are, look around the room and plug the unit into an open space. Avoid corners or walls at any cost.

Bottom Line

So why can’t air purifiers be close to electronics, you say? Imagine a smartphone with 4G suddenly losing all the network bars. Would you not feel helpless when you were about to make a call?

Air purifiers next to electrical equipment will deliver similar anomalies. Why take the risk of malfunctioning appliances, right?

Hope this guide has assisted in answering your question. Feel free to share it with others!

Last Updated on February 19, 2023

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