Why Does My Air Purifier Spark?

Was that just your imagination, or did the air purifier make a sparking noise? Should you be concerned?

This is a question almost every purifier owner asks themselves – why does my air purifier spark? Each year units are bought, and many owners are new to the machine’s functionalities.

But that does not mean you stop using it. You simply need to find the spark source and get to solving it.

Let me give you some tips regarding the problem because air purifier owners should stick together!

Why the Air Purifier Spark?

If this is your first time using an air purifier, you may feel a little anxious every time the unit makes a spark, pop, or crackle noise. It happens as the device runs.

Is it normal? Yes, there is a reason why.

What is the primary task of an air purifier? It is to filter the polluted air into fresh, breathable air without contaminants. Now polluted air includes risky airborne particles, odors, ozone, etc.

When these particulate matters are captured by the filter, you either hear the pop or crackle sound. The spark ensues when the device apprehends larger particles.

Other Causes of Sparks in an Air Purifier

Sure, there are other explanations for the sparks, too, but they are insignificant if you are smart enough to never try them.

  • Did you, by any chance, pull out the main cord while the air purifier was running?
  • Expect some sparks if you foolishly decide it is time to clean the unit while the machine is still on.
  • Please tell me you did not try to repair or fix some issues with the air purifier still switched on.

Like I have said, they are silly and trivial. However, if you have actually done any of these, anticipate some electrical shock or spark.

The bottom line is – you must unplug the appliance before trying absolutely anything.

Fixing the Spark in an Air Purifier

The question is, can you really get rid of that spark? Not entirely because air purifiers have different strategical filters to capture contaminants.

Some have HEPA, while others use generated ions (electrostatic precipitation). Many models have UV light or electret filters. So what should you do?

  • If the sparks are getting more frequent, perhaps it is time to clean/replace filters. Please do this after unplugging the unit.
  • Maintain a schedule to clean/replace the filters to avoid respiratory illness.
    • If the popping occurs much too often that it resembles a crackling sound, it may be the issue of moisture buildup. Clean the electrodes and electrode wires (electrostatic air purifier) with a dry cloth.

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Once upon a time, I asked myself this question when in panic – why does my air purifier spark? I turned the place upside down, checking for an electrical fault (you may want to look into the outlet, circuit breaker, etc., just in case).

Thankfully, the online community and the company consultant have assisted me with answers I believe many deserve to know without expecting the worse. Enjoy your air purifier!

Last Updated on May 8, 2023

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