Why Does Air Purifier Have 65 Warning?

Your recent purchase is a quality air purifier after many hours of research. You bring it home and plug it in.

At one point, you notice a Prop that seems suspicious. For instance, why does air purifier have 65 warning? What does that even mean?

Should you feel concerned? Let me explain everything in detail so you can reassure your mind of the stress.

First, let us familiarize ourselves with the Prop 65 warning.

What Is Proposition 65 Warning?

This warning is actually over three-decade-old that first established in California in 1986. It has another term – Safe Drinking Water and Non-Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

It was applied to California State after several chemical contaminations and oil spill reports.

Number of Chemicals

The Act lists about 900 chemicals, e.g., mercury, pesticides, lead, etc. Of course, the list changes all the time to add newer chemicals.

Why Does Air Purifier have Prop 65 Warning?

Let us get back to the air purifiers. If you have seen the Prop 65 warning label on the air purifier, there is only one meaning to it.

The notification explains that the unit may contain chemical(s) to cause cancer or birth-defective diseases. I know it sounds cataclysmic, but the warning does not always mean the product should be prohibited to use.

It is merely acknowledging the warning so you may learn of the potential risks.

Prop 65 Warning: Is It on All Air Purifiers?

Since the Act is enforced only in California State, only the air purifiers or other similar appliances manufactured/purchased in this state will have this warning label.

This is because the law demands the business to include this label on the products, whether it is food items or electrical devices. As long as one of the listed chemicals is present in the product (that may cause congenital disabilities or cancer), it is mandatory to comply with the law.

65 Warning: Outside of California State

There is a possibility of obtaining an air purifier that shows this warning when you do not even live in California State.

It is because of the nationwide distribution of products. Instead of separating the products bound for California State, the manufacturer includes the Prop 65 warning on all products.  

Concerns about An Air Purifier with Prop 65 Warning

Since this may be a new view toward the product by many users, concerning questions will arise.

You can always contact the manufacturer or check the Prop 65 chemical list online. See if any of it is in the device.

Furthermore, you can check whether the unit is CARB-certified (tested for California air quality standards).


Finally, why does air purifier have 65 warning? So that the consumers are aware of what risks may involve upon buying and using a certain product, i.e., air purifier.

My suggestion entails research before buying and taking a glimpse at the Prop 65 chemical list. I hope this article has been helpful in shedding some light on your way.

Good luck!

Last Updated on September 4, 2022

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