Why Won’t My Oreck Air Purifier Turn on?

The worst thing about air purifiers is that they tend to stop working for no obvious reason. On the other hand, the best thing about them is that they can be fixed very easily without having to consult a mechanic.

Oreck air purifier owners often face a situation where their device stops working out of the blue. Thinking why won’t my Oreck air purifier turn on?

Well, it could be one or multiple reasons. Those reasons may include loose power cords, air filter issues, hardware problems, etc.

Here, we’ll discuss all the possible reasons why your Oreck air purifier isn’t turning on, and we’ll show you how you can solve that problem.

Why Won’t My Oreck Air Purifier Turn on – Problems and Solutions

There might be different reasons behind your Oreck air purifier not turning on. Some users reported having more than one issue causing this at the same time.

ORECK air purifier no power fix.

We’ll discuss all of the known issues and their appropriate fixes and go over them periodically as per their difficulty. It’s recommended you perform all the troubleshoots to fix the purifier for good.

Loose Power Cord

Most Oreck air purifier owners who suffered from this say that their air purifier wasn’t turning on due to the power cord.

Now, this can either be because of a loose power cord or a faulty power cord. Despite their quality build, Oreck air purifiers come with a power cord that tends to get damaged easily.

So, check if the power cord sits loosely in the socket. If that’s okay, check if the power outlet is faulty or not.

This is easy to check. All you have to do is plug in some other device and see if that works or not.

If the power outlet is okay, then chances are that there’s a problem with the power cord. In this case, you will have to change the power cord.

Power Switch Issues

Every Oreck air purifier comes with selector switches as well as a power switch. Each of these switches can be used to tweak the settings of the air purifier.

If the air purifier doesn’t turn on even after switching it on, then the problem may be with the power switch.

You can also try fiddling with the other switches. This will help you check if any of the switches are damaged or wrongly configured or not.

Loose Grill on the Front

The front grill on the Oreck air purifier intakes the air. Unless this is fastened properly, unpurified air might come through and get into the filter.

Large pollutants such as hair or animal fur can damage the main filter, so the air purifier turns off if the grill isn’t fastened properly.

So, you should check on the intake grill. If it isn’t set properly, make sure to set it according to the user manual.

In case you don’t have the papers, you can find the user manual on Oreck’s official website.

Top Cover Not Installed Properly

Oreck air purifiers come with a top cover that needs to be set properly. If the top cover isn’t set properly, it causes the purifier to malfunction.

So, make sure to secure the top cover properly before turning the purifier on.

Dirty Air Filters

If you live in an area with a lot of air pollutants such as dust, hair, or fur, then chances are that the air filters will get dirty and clogged very quickly. A dirty air filter causes the purifier to stop as the dust tends to get through.

As we’ve discussed previously, the main filter is very sensitive and can be damaged by large pollutants. The filter stops functioning in such cases.

To solve this, you have to perform a deep cleaning of the air filters.

You can do so easily by removing the filters. Clean the filters with a dry brush, and you’ll be able to get most of the dust out of it.

If they’re too dusty and smeared with grime, you can try blasting them with a hand shower. The water pressure will clean all of the dirt in a while.

When you choose to clean the filters with a hand shower, make sure to dry them before you put them back in. Otherwise, the large water droplets will damage the filters.

Faulty Device

If none of these solve the problem for you, chances are that your device is faulty. Over time, factors such as voltage can damage the internal IC of the air purifier. Although it rarely happens, there’s still a slim possibility of this occurrence.

You can choose to get the IC replaced or fixed. However, it’s hard to find mechanics who can do this properly. So, it’s wise to get a new device instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How to perform Oreck air purifier troubleshooting?

One has to check various components such as the power cord, power button, top cover, front grill, Truman cell, and odor absorber for understanding what’s wrong with the device.

2.    How to solve Oreck air purifier not working?

The easiest solution would be to check the power cords. If that’s okay, clean the air filters and set the front grill properly.

3.    Why did Oreck air purifier stop working?

It’s either because the device isn’t getting adequate power or has dirty air filters.

4.    Why does my Oreck air purifier spark?

An air purifier sparks when the air filters are faulty or there are a lot of large pollutants in the air. Purifiers may spark occasionally, but it’s a problem if they spark frequently.


As you can see, there are various fixes to this problem. Yet, prevention is better than cure. If you want to keep your air purifier in its best shape, try to maintain it regularly.

This only includes occasional cleaning of the air filters. Doing so will keep the filter dust-free, thus preventing sparking and any damage.

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