Why is Invisible Air Purifier Stuck in Yellow Status?

Air purifiers have become an integral part of our lives in the last few years. Due to the increasing level of air pollution, using an air purifier has become a necessity.

These not only clean particles from the air but also sanitize them. That is when they’re working properly.

Air purifiers feature an indicator light that shows whether they’re working properly or not. This light goes yellow when the purifier isn’t working properly.

But sometimes, the light doesn’t revert even when every fix is tried. Now, why is invisible air purifier stuck in yellow status?

It mostly happens when the air quality of the surroundings isn’t as good. However, sometimes there might be technical reasons behind this as well.

In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities and how to fix them.

How Can You Revert the Indicator Status from Yellow to Green or Blue?

Your air purifying system’s light indicator may get stuck on the yellow status for some technical issues. There are multiple possibilities, and they’ll be discussed in detail in the following.

Step One – Turn Your Humidifier off

Humidifiers and air purifiers don’t go well together. If you have a humidifier in your home, you should turn that off before checking what’s wrong with the purifier.

This is mainly because the water droplets released by the humidifier are read by air purifiers as bad-quality air. So, the yellow status might be triggered by a humidifier.

Step Two – Check the Pre-Filters

If you have the humidifier off or don’t have one, and the indicator status is still yellow, then you should proceed to check the pre-filters.

The pre-filter doesn’t take any part in cleaning the air, rather it helps keep large debris out of the main filter so it can perform properly.

Sometimes, the pre-filters can get clogged. In such instances, they can make noises and also turn the indicator status to yellow.

The pre-filters can be cleaned easily. You just have to remove them, brush them up, and finally rinse them with a hand shower.

While these may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, they play a big role in keeping the main and more expensive filters of the purifier safe.

So, you shouldn’t completely remove or discard them. The best practice is to clean them at least once a month.

Step Three – Look for Slits on the Sides

Air purifiers detect the quality of air through one or multiple sensors. You’re likely to find those on the sides, right above the part where the filter is supposed to be.

While this rarely happens, the slits get clogged from time to time. The accumulation of dirt can tamper with their readings, and this can trigger false alarms and keep the indicator yellow.

You can clean these easily with a blower. If the sensor is the cause behind the yellow lights, this simple step will fix it.

Step Four – Reset the Filter

While air purifiers are relatively simple devices, it can be tough to set them properly for those who don’t tinker with devices a lot.

To set an air purifier properly, you must set the filters in the right order. Two filters may look the same, but they won’t work the same if they’re not put in the order they’re meant to be in.

So, the first thing you need to look for is a number tag on the filters. In most cases, the number will be strikingly visible.

Even if it isn’t, a closer inspection will reveal a number. Make sure the filters are put in the right serial.

Also, check if there’s any remaining packaging on the filters. Leaving the filters in with polythene or paper on can cause the yellow indicator status.

Step Five – Check for PM2.5 Level

PM 2.5 is a type of air pollutant that can put your health in danger. Most air purifiers come with a built-in sensor that measures the PM 2.5 level along with purifying the air.

If your air purifier’s status indicator light is stuck on yellow, chances are that the PM 2.5 level is too high.

Check the readings, and if it shows above 150, then you must turn the RPM of the purifier’s fan to the max setting. This should solve the problem.

Step Six – Try to Lower the Load on the Purifier

Like every device, the air purifier to has a max limit. The lower you exert its limit, the better it will perform.

So, try to keep the load on the device to a minimum by keeping the doors and windows closed.

If the purifier is displaying a yellow light, then chances are that it’s struggling to purify the air in the room.

Closing the doors and windows will reduce its scope, thus allowing it to clean faster, ultimately resolving the yellow light issue.

Step Seven – Change the Filter

If the solutions couldn’t fix the problem for you and left you wondering why is invisible air purifier stuck in yellow status, then there’s a chance that the main filter is damaged.

Clean Air Purifier Filters.

In such cases, there’s no way but to change the filter altogether. While getting a spare filter can be expensive, this is the only way to resolve the yellow indicator light.

A broken filter means that the purifier isn’t working anyways.

While the filter may be expensive, it’s still cheaper than getting a new purifier altogether. So, you should change the filter if none of the other methods work for you.


As you can see, there’s no definite answer to why is invisible air purifier stuck in yellow status. The reason may be as simple as a clogged pre-filter, or it might be a dire problem like a damaged filter.

We recommend following each of the mentioned steps periodically. This will help you pinpoint the problem with the least possible effort.


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