Why Is My Dyson Air Purifier Blinking F?

The Dyson Air Purifier comes with tons of advanced features. However, one of its best features about it has to be real-time notifications.

Unlike most air purifiers that notify you whether the device is working properly or not through a light, Dyson does it through error codes like vehicles.

This makes it much easier to maintain the Dyson air purifier, as you don’t have to blindly try out different fixes until you stumble upon the right one.

This brings us to our problem. A lot of people found a blinking F on their Dyson purifier.

So, why is my Dyson air purifier blinking F? Your air purifier is blinking F because it requires a filter change or just a reboot.

For those who don’t know how to change the Dyson air purifier’s filter, we’ll walk you through it.

How to Change Dyson Fan Filter

  • To replace the air purifier’s filters, you need to unplug its power cord first.
  • Then, search for two sliders on both sides of the air purifier. These should be located where the perforated panel ends.
  • Press the sliders down together, and this should release the perforated panels made especially for airflow intake.
  • Now, once the panels come out, look for the HEPA filter on the inner side of the panels.
  • You can easily release these by holding the button located on the top of the panels. Follow this to remove the filters on both sides.
  • The Dyson air purifier also comes with two carbon filters. You can find these filters stuck on the inner cylinder.
  • To remove these, you need to hold both ends of a filter and pull at them at the same time.
  • Now, the filters are removed, so you need to replace them with newer filters.
  • Start by installing the carbon filters. Place them in their previous position, push them in, and if they’re set back in, you should hear a click sound.
  • You need to follow the same process for installing the HEPA filters back in. Just line them up with the front panels, push them in, and there should be an audible sound signaling that the filter is back in.
  • To double-check, you can take a look at the buttons on the top and bottom. If the filter is installed properly, the buttons will be well lined up.
  • Once the carbon filters are installed as well, you need to take the panels one at a time, line them up with the device, and push them in.
  • When both of the panels are installed back in, the slider should go back up, signaling that the components are back in their places.

Fixing the F Error Code

Now, you’re likely to see the error code F even after reinstalling the new filters. This is because the air purifier has to be reset after the replacement of the filters.

How To Reset The Dyson Air Filter – Fixing The F Error Code.

To do so, turn the power button on first. Next, just hold the power button of the air purifier for six seconds, and this should restart the device and also get rid of the ‘F’ error code.

What Other Ways of Being Notified of a Filter Change?

If you’ve placed your air purifier in a position that you don’t notice much, it’d be hard for you to know if it requires a filter change or not. Thankfully, Dyson has other ways of notifying you of this.

Dyson air purifier owners can link their devices through the official app. Now, if you connect your device, then you can check whether it requires a filter change or not through the app.

Go to the HEPA+Carbon Filter option on your air purifier. If it needs to be changed, you’ll see the label “Your filter needs replacing” on the bottom. Also, you can check the life of the filter through the app.

Another cool way of knowing the filter life is through the remote. Take the official remote provided by Dyson in your hands, and search for the information button.

It should be on the top right. Now, press this button eight times consecutively, and focus on the circular LED screen on your purifier.

Pressing the information button eight times will prompt the air purifier to show an animation where it shows the remaining battery life of your air purifier.

What Are Some Dyson Air Purifier Error Codes?

Dyson air purifiers are designed to display multiple error codes through the frontal display. Some other error codes that are prominently experienced are:

  • Triangle

If your air purifier is showing a triangle, then it’s because one of the filters isn’t adjusted properly. All you need to do is refit the filter, and this should solve the problem for you.

  • Solid E

If there’s an E on the purifier, it’s because the machine isn’t functioning correctly for some reason. This usually happens when the machine fails to understand what it’s being commanded to do.

In these cases, you just have to unplug the machine and leave it for 10 seconds. This will prompt a hard reset and should solve the problem for you.

Also, don’t mistake three parallel lines for E, as that indicates filter change.

  • Flashing Blue Light

A flashing blue light means that the air purifier isn’t getting sufficient power. In this case, check the power cord to see if it’s plugged in properly. Also, check if the power outlet is turned on or not.

Even if the device doesn’t get any power after that, just check if the power outlet is okay or not. If it is, you’ll either need to replace the power cord or the power supply of the device.


As you can see, the fix isn’t very tough, but you do need to get the original filters. Aftermarket filters won’t fit into these.

So, we recommend keeping stock of new filters so you can replace them on demand. Also, keep an eye out for the filter’s health so you can be prepared.


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