Why Does Black Plastic Smell in Air Purifier?

I purchased a wonderful, widely popular air purifier for my room. It was an exciting moment for me, which then was ruined by the weird smell overwhelming my brain.

It happened right after I turned on the device. Why does black plastic smell in air purifier? How do I get rid of it?

I could not possibly move from the apartment/house for this. But I had been living in a different room since ventilating the air did nothing to douse that smell in the other room.

Fortunately, there is an explanation for this nauseating odor.

Why Does My Air Purifier Smell Like Plastic?

Air purifiers have become a staple necessity for thousands of owners each year. And everyone has experienced that unpleasant smell from the device.

When I first got the whiff of this odor, I figured there must be something wrong with my unit.

Trust me when I say this; pretty much every new air purifier owner had considered a similar concern as well.

Understand with an Example

There is simply one explanation for this. Suppose you have bought a new car. A recently purchased car will have plastic covers on the seats, right?

The plastic smell will float in the air the moment you enter the vehicle. The odor can remain for several weeks even after tearing off the plastic. It is how new products or vehicles smell.

Also, the air-conditioned air also feels stuffy and plastic-like in the car. It causes headaches for some while others adjust themselves.

Plastic Smell in Air Purifier

An air purifier is also an appliance that, once acquired right from the market, will give off a scent. I know it is not favorable to many users but give it some time.

So what causes the smell anyway? When you run the device for the first time, the purifier motor starts up initially after its last production. It means you are the first person to switch it on.

Since the machine whirs for the first time, it allows the warm-up function for the components. That is when the plastic smell gets released.

In short, the plastic molding trapped inside generates a strong fume right after connecting the unit to electricity.

Remember that it is absolutely normal. So instead of panicking, let the machine run and be patient. The smell should diminish after several uses.

In Case the Plastic Smell Does Not Lessen

Has it been more than several uses, weeks, or a month? Then you must unplug the device and inspect for internal plastic burns inside. Remember that warming up and burning are different.

Best you contact the manufacturer of the air purifier brand and seek consultation.


So why does black plastic smell in air purifier? The answer is simple – because the machine is straight out of the package.

Therefore, do not feel like you have been handed a defective unit. Wait for at least a week or a month before making a decision.

Last Updated on November 2, 2022

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