Why Does a Air Purifier Put Out Cool Air?

An air purifier is not, from any angle, an air cooler or air conditioner. Then why does an air purifier put out cool air?

There is this saying I grew up hearing – once you hear it, you start believing it. I suppose, the purifier with cooling capability hardly falls in line with that view.

So, how long can we live in that false spectrum? At one point, you will notice that an air purifier does not function like an air conditioner.

Shall we find out why?

Mechanism of an Air Purifier

The name itself offers you the validation you need. The unit simply purifies the air. It intakes air pollutants and harmful particles by capturing them through air filters.

Next, the machine cleanses the air before releasing it. Keep in mind that it is the same air that was sucked in before.

There is no cooling unit in the device like ACs do. Therefore, it is impossible for an air purifier to generate cool air. When it puts out low temp air in the room, it is purely unintentional, and there are possible reasons.

Plausible Causes of Why Air Purifiers Let Out Cool Air

Always remember that purchasing an air purifier does not fulfill the operation of an air conditioner. You will still have to get an AC to lower the room temperature.

Now, what are probable explanations for this sudden wave of cool air release?


This is the best contributing factor that explains a lot. For instance, you place the air purifier in the middle of your room. It is the best area for the unit. You will notice a significant change in the airflow direction.

The movement merely improves the air circulation and traps contaminants in greater amounts.

It is difficult to cool a room without an air conditioner. However, as the airflow moves from one direction to another, this can momentarily cool the air.

Once again, it is coincidental and not a function of the air purifier.


When you imagine a fan, the picture of a strong-winded portable fan comes to mind. Unfortunately, fans in air purifiers are not that powerful at all.

You cannot substitute this fan with an electric/desk fan to beat the summer heat. In short, it will not generate a cool sensation.

Still, an air purifier fan helps enhance the air quality via airflow. This may be why occasional cool air is put out.

Cool Room

Suppose your room has an AC, which has been running up until now. We all know that the same area remains cool for some time, even after the AC is turned off.

If your air purifier filters the low-temperature air, it will likely let out cool air.

Bottom Line

So, why does an air purifier put out cool air? This is one less probing question to bother you today. No matter what the fan speed is, an air purifier will not generate cool air; it will only change the air current movement.

One unit can purify the air you breathe up to 99.97%, so breathe healthily!

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