When And How To Put Salt In A Humidifier

A humidifier is nothing less than a lifesaver, relieving us from allergies, dryness, asthma, and whatnot! What if we could elevate its efficiency? A little salt might do the trick! But the main confusion is when and how to put salt in a humidifier.

You can add salt whenever you refill the water. It might be in the morning or at night. And usually, you put the plain salt in the water chamber.

But there’s more to the entire process. But you fear not, as we will guide you through making the most out of your mist! 

Are You Supposed to Put Salt in the Humidifier? 

Putting salt in a humidifier might sound fishy to some folks, but is it?

People usually don’t want to put any additional elements in the device, but salt is a game changer! The salt increases the conductivity of the water, so the bonds are easily broken. 

This simply means that more heat will flow through the water, so you will get more steam out of the device.

It also prevents contamination from residing in the water container. The chances of mold forming will reduce to a significant number.

Now that you know how to make your humidifier more effective, what’s stopping you? 

What Type of Salt Should You Put Into the Humidifier? 

While table salt or kosher salt gets the work done, it is wise to avoid using them as they contain a good amount of iodine, which might not be the thing your humidifier desires. 

However, Himalayan salt and Epsom salt are much better options, as they are well known for providing benefits to your health, skin, and muscles. In addition, the presence of mineral ions makes it even better, as they tend to balance the water just fine. 

And they are not difficult to get your hands on, so get a pack of salt and enjoy the increased effectiveness of your humidifier for months. 

How Much Salts Should You Put in A Humidifier? 

The answer to your question lies in the tape water you use. Many places have tap water that consists of enough minerals to function properly. Therefore, knowing the right type of water to use and checking the water is a must. 

But it’s safe to start with a tiny pinch of salt. Then, after adding it, wait for a moment and see the result.

If you feel satisfied with the amount of steam produced, then you are pretty much done.

In case it doesn’t work out, you can add even more until the desired mist is formed. 

However, adding too much salt might cause trouble in the humidifier. So, it’s best to just stick with ⅛ tablespoon of salt.

If you want to crosscheck the information, just go through the manual. The manufacturers always state the exact safe amount of salt.

When to Put Salt in the Humidifier? 

As previously mentioned, adding salt every time you refill the humidifier is absolutely fine.

When you pour in a new batch of water, do make sure that the salt from the previous batch doesn’t remain. Therefore, cleaning is essential. 

Cleaning the container before refilling the water and the salt will decrease the chances of air contamination and reduce the risk of the buildup of excess salt content.

Repeating the process several times a day shouldn’t cause any damage. Even so, it would be better if you did the process once in the morning or at night. 

Put into simple works; anytime your mist seems less strong, put that salt in. But this is potentially hazardous work as there is the possibility of the hot water scalding your arms. So, you should be extra careful during the process. 

How to Put Salt in the Humidifier? 

It might sound complicated but believe us when we say it is a piece of cake! Anyone with the right direction and a cautious mind can pull this up easily. Without more talking, let’s get to the main deal –

  1. As the humidifier is connected to an electric circuit, it is essential that you switch off the circuit or you remove the plug from the socket. 
  2. Then locate the water chamber, which is usually placed at the top part of the humidifier. Take it off without applying too much pressure.
  3. Now fill up the water tank with water without overflowing it. You will notice labels on the container that should guide you. Otherwise, the boiling water will constantly overflow. 
  4. Take the necessary amount of salt and directly add it to the water. Make sure that the salt is completely dissolved in the water. You can take the help of a clean spoon or stick to stir the water until the grains of salt is evenly dissolved. 
  5. Now that you are done with all the dissolving, secure the water chamber back to its designated position. 
  6. Insert the plug back into the socket, and then you are all set to enjoy the strong and clean mists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much salt do you put in a Vicks humidifier? 

Vicks Humidifier is one of the common ones out there. As the manufacturers suggest, you should put ⅛ teaspoon of table salt or Himalayan salt in the clean water. But if the streams are not strong enough, you can add another pinch of salt if it feels right. 

  • Should you put Epsom salt in your humidifier? 

Epsom salt is known for relieving pain and relaxing your muscles. When added to the water, it transfers the same beneficial properties to the mists. Plus, it has less iodine content than normal table salt making it a much safer option. 


It is surprising how a tiny pinch of salt can be a game-changer. However, it is essential to control the amount of salt added. And it’s better to keep in mind that not all humidifiers require the extra care of salt. 

No matter what salt you use, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of strong and non-contaminated mists! 

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